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Have been having an ongoing infestation with some kind of

Customer Question

Have been having an ongoing infestation with some kind of insect that seems to start as a pre-larval worm. My wife, our goats (2 whethers) and her horse (gelding) are all effected. We've tried just about everything we can think of from pyrethrins to wormers to cedar oil fogging to triclosan fogging and still have no relief.
Local vets and her doctor have been no help.
We're reaching the end of our rope.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Jo replied 10 months ago.


I'm Dr. Jo and I'm a licensed veterinarian with more than twenty years of experience. I'm here to help with your question about your situation with the larva infestation. I'm so sorry you are having this problem, but glad you're looking for the information you need. I want to start by reassuring you I've had contact from people describing situations like yours before and have been able to help. You may join the conversation at any time by typing in what you want to say then clicking REPLY or SEND. Then we can chat back and forth until you're satisfied with the information I've provided. I'll do my best to earn your good rating, because that's the only way I receive any compensation for helping you.In the meantime, in order to help me help you better, I'll need some more information. To start with, can you please tell me:When you say the local vets and doctor have been of no help, is this because they say there is nothing there?Describe the symptoms you are seeing to make you conclude there is an insect/larva infestation. Rest assured I understand how frustrating this can be when it seems like no one has been able to help you. I'll be standing by and awaiting your reply.Thank you.