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My Nubian was 7 1/2 mos. old when I bought her to be only as

Customer Question

My Nubian was 7 1/2 mos. old when I bought her to be only as a pet, I've had 3 Nubies before, but this is the fist nanny. She was very small for her age, 25-30 pounds. There were many others so she only got what was left. She is now 9 1/2 mos. and really filling out. I worry that she she may be pregnant, that would make here 2 mos. along, but I don't know the signs of her just being in season. Does the vaginal/rectal area appear fuller during this time or the nipples larger? I really don't want babies. Thank you, ***** *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Expert:  Dan C., DVM replied 1 year ago.

Greetings, Evelyn.

Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner, but I just got in for the day and saw your question.

I’d be a bit concerned about your doe as well! If I read it correctly, she is 9&1/2 months of age? That is way too young to be pregnant, as far as growth development, but not physiologically. Has she been exposed to a buck? If so, do you know how long ago?

Normally, when a doe goes into heat, you may see a whitish discharge from the vulva (it can resemble pus). They can also (depending on the doe) become very vocal, seeming to bawl a lot. There isn’t normally any change in the udder, but you may see a slight softening of the vulva region. Those are really the only ways one can tell, unless she were to be vaginally ultra-sounded and her ovaries were examined. If you do suspect that she might be pregnant, there are several options available to determine that. One, a Vet can ultrasound her abdominally outside, or a blood test can be sent in to determine pregnancy. Secondly, seeing that you’re a nurse, have you ever drawn blood on a goat? If you are familiar and comfortable with the procedure, that is something you can do yourself and I can recommend a lab to send the sample to. But if there is a question at all, I would definitely check for pregnancy! Depending on how far along she may be, the pregnancy can be terminated if she is only a few weeks. Otherwise, it’s not recommended.

I’m looking forward to your reply.

All the best,

-Dan C., DVM