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My llama was not given s tetinas shot on time, two week late

Customer Question

My young llama was not given his tetinas shot on time, two week late
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Expert:  Dan C., DVM replied 2 years ago.
Greetings, and thanks for the question. I'm extremely sorry for the delay in getting you a response. I just got online and saw your question and certainly didn't want you to wait any longer.
I'm sorry to hear about Sweetheart's problem. Lockjaw (tetanus) is an extreme condition, and certainly not something to be ta***** *****ghtly! I need to ask you a few questions to clarify some things, so I can give you a thorough answer.
1): How is Sweetheart doing currently? Is he still showing the same clinical signs?
2): Is he able to eat and drink?
3): Is he moving and behaving normally?
4): What did the Vet have to say about his condition?
5): Have you given him a tetanus shot recently? Do you recall if it was tetanus toxoid or tetanus antitoxin?
6): You mention that he was two weeks late for the tetanus shot. Was this his initial shot, or was it a booster shot?
Thanks, ***** ***** looking forward to hearing from you.
-Dan C.
Expert:  Dan C., DVM replied 2 years ago.
Just wanted you to know that I'll be away from the computer for a few hours. I'll check for your response as soon as I return.
-Dan C.
Expert:  Dan C., DVM replied 2 years ago.
Did you have any further questions?
Thanks again,
-Dan C.

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