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Dan C., DVM
Dan C., DVM, Veterinarian
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
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Experience:  Equine Practitioner. Owner of Mobile Equine/Large Animal Practice for 16 years.
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I have a dairy producer that is stuggling with Giardia in her

Customer Question

I have a dairy producer that is stuggling with Giardia in her baby calves. I work as their
dairy consultant with the milking herd have lots of questions? We have not had much luck
getting answers .. Been looking online for help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Expert:  Dan C., DVM replied 2 years ago.
Greetings, and thanks for the question.The life cycle of Giardia is extremely complex, and as far as Safegard, it's efficacy against Giardia is questionable. The drug of choice for Giardia is a product named Metronidazole, available by prescription only, through your Vet. The normal dosage is 9 milligrams per pound (best to crush it up and mix with water) given orally twice daily for 7 days. I'd recommend getting in touch with your producer's Vet to see if she/he can provide you with a prescription. It normally is available in 250-500 mg tablets.I trust I've been of some help, and please let me know if you have any further questions. All the best, ***** *****
Expert:  Dan C., DVM replied 2 years ago.
Hello:Just wanted to let you know I'll be offline for a few hours, out working. I'll be checking to see if you have further questions when I return. -Dan C.
Expert:  Dan C., DVM replied 2 years ago.
Did you have any further questions? Thanks again, -Dan C.