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Doctor.A, Veterinarian
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 309
Experience:  I am licensed to practice Veterinary Medicine in multiple states, as well as Board Certified In Equine Surgery.
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I have a sheep that appears to have lantana poisoning. is there

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I have a sheep that appears to have lantana poisoning. is there anything I can do? or is it kindest to put her down?? Many thanks

Doctor.A :

Hello, I am Dr A. would love to help , are you availale?

Doctor.A :

Lantana poisoning is a very serious situation. Even those that are treated often will pass a few weeks later. The two options you have are to treat, or to put her down. There is a chance of success, depending on how much and how long ago she ate it. First, getting the toxin absorbed with activated charcol seems to reduce the exposure and increase success. Second, a transfusion of rumenal contentst with clean uncontaminated rumen fluid may help jumpstart the insulted rumen. Thirdly, supportive care with fluids including electrolytes can also help.

Doctor.A :

feel free to ask me additional questions. You may need some help with getting electrolyte fluids into her as they may need to go IV.

Doctor.A :

I hope that Princess responds well to the treatement ,but it must be performed sooner rather than later to ensure the best odds of improvement

Doctor.A :

I wish you two the best of luck. Please find me here and keep me posted on Princesses progress.

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Hi Jo,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Princess. How is everything going?