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Dr. Larson
Dr. Larson, Large Animal Vet
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We recently acquired a retired milk producing goat who has

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We recently acquired a retired milk producing goat who has given birth 3 times. We are not trying to breed or milk her. She has not been producing milk for 3years according to her prior owners. We noticed she has one puffy enlarged nipple and when milked it discharges clear liquid , milky liquid and pus and yellowish chunks. The nipple reduced in size after the milking and it was puffed up again after one day. It is not hot. She does not appear to be in pain and she is eating with gusto and her poop is normal and healthy looking. She is curious and friendly. What do you think?

larsondvm :

Hello, ans welcome to Just Answer. It does sound like Lovely does has a little bit of a mild mastitis. My suggestion would be to infuse the effected teat with a commercial mastitis tube, such as Today, after milking the quarter out.

larsondvm :

I would also recommend starting her on Banamine at a dose of 1cc in the muscle once daily for 3 days, and Penicillin at a dose of 5cc once daily.


Thanks Larsondvm..... we are complete novices at administering medications so we might contact the folks we acquired Lovely from unless you think we should go to our vet? I imagine we could purchase these items from our local feed store. Any advice?

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