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Dr Steve
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My 7 week old Nubian kid, Mollie, got diarrhea, bloated, decrease

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My 7 week old Nubian kid, Mollie, got diarrhea, bloated, decrease energy and won't drink her bottle. The next day she was a lot better but I took her to the goat vet who looked at her stool and said she has coccidiosis and gave her sulfa antibiotics. My dog, a thirteen year old border collie/shepard mix, Mickie, was licking Mollie's ass. Nice of him to try to clean her up (gross) but do I have to worry about Mickie getting coccidiosis?

Dr Steve :

HI, I'm Dr Steve. As a rule, the coccidia that affects gats is not the same as the one that affects dogs.

Dr Steve :

Coccidiosis is a disease that is pretty species specific. Meaning that there are different types for different animals. In some rare cases, a "goat" coccidia may abnormally affect a dog, but this is uncommon.

Dr Steve :

THings to watch for in your dog would be diarrhea, that often becomes tinged with blood . If this would occur, talk to your vet, take a fecal sample from your dog in to have it examined and see if there are any coccidia in the dog stool and treat accordingly. I don't think this is very likely and wouldn't worry too much about it unless you see these symptoms.

Dr Steve :

Another option , just to cover all bases and to give you a sense of security, would be to tell your vet about this and have him give you medicine to use for your dog to be sure nothing happens. Some vets use sulfa meds in dogs for their coccidiosis like in goats, but there are other medicines like Ponazuril that is often used in dogs. I hope this has helped. If it has would you please click the submit button so I may receive credit for my answer. I will check later to see if you have more questions. Thanks for using justanswer and good luck

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