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Dr Steve
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What would cause a female goats udder to enlarge. No, she

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What would cause a female goat's udder to enlarge. No, she is not with kid. never has had one. Udder is so enlarge it's making walking difficult

Dr Steve : Hi, I'm Dr Steve
Dr Steve : Udder enlargement in female goats are often caused by one fo two possibilities. One is edema which is a buildup of fluid in the udder. This can be caused by a circulation issue not allowing the blood to flow through the udder and "trapping" fluid making it larger.
Dr Steve : The other possibility is a mastitis which is an infection of the udder making it become enlarged. This does occur more frequently in goats that are nursing kids, but it can also happen in goats who are not with kid.
Dr Steve : Any bacteria that may have gotten into the end of one of the teats can cause an infection. IN either case it is often best and most affordable in the long run to have a vet check her out to see which is causing her prooblem.
Dr Steve : If it is fluid build up, then I typically treat goats with a diuretic lik lasix to help remove the fluid. If it is an infection , then I have had good results with excenel as an antibiotic to kill the bacteria causing the infection.
Dr Steve : It can be difficult to know which of these problems is going on without a thorough exam and possibly some tests to confirm.
Dr Steve : If she has been with any other male goats, it may be possible that she is pregnant and getting close to delivering. I know you said this is not the case, but it is one other possible cause for an enlarged udder.
Dr Steve : Some things to watch for , especially with an infection is that she may develop a fever, become lethargic and not want to eat. If any of these things should occur, this can become an emergency and she may need vet treatment. I hope this has helped. If it has would you please click the accept /submit button so i may receive credit for my answer. THank you and good luck. I will check throughout the weekend to see if you have more questions.
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