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We have a male 4 day old scimitar oryx and have been bottle

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We have a male 4 day old scimitar oryx and have been bottle feeding.Refusal of goat milk replacer. Now he is excepting the fresh goat's milk but it's giving him diarrhea.Our Vet recommend to give cow whole milk instead.Which we are introducing now with the goat's milk.His temp. is 101.7

Dr. Matt : Hi, I'm Dr. Matt. Fresh goats milk is usually a pretty good choice, I'd be worried that the diarrhea isn't coming from the goats milk but possibly something else. If the cows milk you're feeding is from the store and has been processed I'd avoid using that. There are some great multi-species milk replacers out there that may be of value to try instead, but I'd investigate things a bit further to make sure the diarrhea isn't the start of a gastrointestinal illness (E. coli, Salmonella, parasitism, etc)
Dr. Matt : Did this scimitar nurse at all from it's dam or had a colostrum source within the first 24 hours of life?

yes he had colostrum and he didn't nurse from mother.He had diarrhea when he started to bottle feed before the cow's milk.He will not drink any milk replacers ,only will drink fresh milk.He has only been on the cow's milk for one day.Our Vet has recommend to change to total cow's milk, within 24-48hrs.


What is a normal temp. for the baby Scimitar Oryx?

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I apologize for the slow reply. Things on the site have been loading very slowly the past few days and I haven't been receiving emails as I should. As long as the temp is under 102.5 you should be ok- anything from 99.5 to 101.5F would be what I consider normal, but some of the neonates can run a little higher.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The baby is taking less from the bottle each day.What do you think is normal amount of intake for a day?Is there anything we could add to his milk to help with the diarrhea?By the way the smell of his diarrhea is awful strong.

I'd to with at least a quart 4 times daily. What does the diarrhea look like? Is it yellow and pasty? If so, it could be scours. Calves with diarrhea, especially those that don't nurse well, are very prone to dehydration. If the diarrhea persists it may be necessary to support the calf with IV fluids. Antibiotic therapy may also be necessary. I would expect the calf to have diarrhea from store-bought cows milk, but the fresh milk sources and replacer a shouldn't be causing it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thankyou for all your help but the baby died.

I've had a few scimitar calves in the past with similar signs and even with intensive veterinary care they can be difficult to turn around. I'm very sorry to hear you lost him.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your help.I wish I could tip you but I'm very poor and just live on this farm.I'm not even an employee my partner is.I do wind up caring for the all sick animals.