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I have been treating my pygmy goat for anemia due to a high

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I have been treating my pygmy goat for anemia due to a high worm load for six day now. She is weak but responding to the B12, Red Cell and electrolytes. But she has had a sound when she breathes, like a snore. Her lungs do not sound wet, but I have been treating her with Pen G also. It seems that her breathing is very labored, like she has to push the air out of her lungs. It reminds me of a person who snores loudly, but she does it all the time, not just sleeping. Any suggestions on what I'm to do?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, I can continue to wait.

Hi there, this is Dr. Christie! I apologize for your wait for an answer and thank you for your patience! I saw your question as soon as I came online!

Her breathing is likely due to her anemia. When an animal becomes severely anemic, this makes them weak. Blood is also the primary carrier of oxygen from the lungs throughout the body to organs, etc. If an animal has low blood levels, they are unable to pass oxygen to the rest of their body as well, therefore you can see a more labored breathing secondary to the anemia. Typically this will get better as the anemia improves. You may hear more stertor (loud audible noises) due to the force of the breath being taken and as it is expired. It take about 72 hours for the body to regenerate new red blood cells in the body. I would also supplement thiamine to her to prevent polio along with her vitamin B12. Have you repeated the safeguard? Is she eating and drinking? A high energy drench may not be a bad idea as well.

Dr. Christie
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your reply. She is eating a little. She is drinking an eletrolyte solution. She doesn't want any plain water. I have also been denching her with Nurta-Drench for goats once daily. I wasn't sure if I should go ahead and worm her again in her current state. I have vitamin B complex that has thiamine and will start her on that now. Thank you again!

Hi there! How is your goat doing?

That is good she is drinking and eating a bit and the drench is good! I would repeat the deworming. I would also recommend following up with a fecal analysis by your vet too of a fresh fecal sample to ensure that the worm numbers are diminishing and that there is no sign of resistance!

Dr. Christie
How is Josephine doing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She is hanging in there. She is one tough little goat. I took her out last evening and helped her graze a little. She tires easily and can't stand or walk for very long. But she would gobble up the weeds I pulled for her. Her breathing seemed a little better and we got her to drink a lot of electrolytes. Thank you again for all your help. Where I live there is not a farm animal vet. I am not sure if the local small animal vet will do a fecal or not, but I'll find out today.

Hi there! I am glad to hear she is hanging in there!!

Yes, check with the local small animal vet! If they cannot do it in house at the clinic, ask if they might be willing to send it out to a lab to have it done! This just gives you a better idea if your treatment has been effective and to ensure there is no resistance amongst the parasites, which is becoming more and more common!

Please remember to rate my answer if I have been helpful! :)
Dr. Christie
CountryDoc, Veterinarian
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Experience: Experienced mixed animal veterinarian
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