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JoanNortonVMD, Veterinarian
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
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Experience:  Dr. Norton board certified in large animal internal medicine, specializes in the education of animal owners on veterinary topics.
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My goat has had diarrhea. He was not doing well and was dehydrated.

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My goat has had diarrhea. He was not doing well and was dehydrated. We brought him to a pen depart from the same herd as they were unfriendly to him. He is doing better, but now is a little lethargic and his lower jaw and throat are swollen as if he is chewing an pocketing the food. It seems weird and he is still fairly weak. Any suggestions?

JoanNortonVMD :

Hello this is Dr. Norton

Hello this is Dr. Norton,
I'm sorry to hear Diego is not feeling well. I'm glad the diarrhea is improving and I think you are treating it the right way with water and electrolytes and I've had good luck with pepto in these cases. I am concerned that the swelling under his jaw may be edema (fluid swelling in the tissue) and not packed in feed. When animals have diarrhea they can lose a lot of protein through the loose manure, alternatively goats with a lot of parasites can have a low protein and develop diarrhea. When their protein is low they can't hold fluid in their blood stream like normal and develop edema. The jaw area is a common place to see this in goats and is referred to as "bottle jaw." If the diarrhea is resolving and he no longer is losing protein than this should resolve over time as he regains strength and protein. If parasites are to blame for the low protein and diarrhea this would have to be addressed with dewormer. Again the swelling may take time to resolve once the primary problem is taken care of. If he does not continue to improve, or has a poor appetite or worsening of the diarrhea you should contact your veterinarian.
I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any questions and don't forget to rate this answer.
Dr. Norton
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