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JoanNortonVMD, Veterinarian
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
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Experience:  Dr. Norton board certified in large animal internal medicine, specializes in the education of animal owners on veterinary topics.
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I have a 2 month old goat that has been slow and depressed

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I have a 2 month old goat that has been slow and depressed acting for over a week he does not have daihrea he was shaking and tremoring so i gave him thiamine for the past 2 days. today he is slobbering
Hi, I'm Dr. Norton
There are many reasons why a goat could be depressed and slobbering. Giving thiamine is a great idea since polioencephalomalacia (often caused by thiamine deficiency) can cause tremors and drooling.
There could also be a problem with his teeth, if he is unable to chew or grab food he could become weak and slobber due to dental issues so checking in his mouth for any cuts, sores or foreign material would be worthwhile.
You should also consider infectious agents. Listeria can cause neurologic deficits and can cause tremors and loss of the nerves that control the muscles of the face (Does he have an ear droop or a head tilt?). Often times these cases have a fever in addition to the neurologic signs. The treatment for this is typically oxytetracycline and this antibiotic would also cover a wide variety of infections that could be causing the weakness, tremors and drooling.
If he does not improve or continues to worsen, it is important to have a vet take a look at him to identify exactly which organ system is causing the problem and help come up with the best treatment.
I hope this information is helpful, please let me know if you have any other questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

will pennicilin G work

Yes, PPG (penicillin G) can be effective against listeria as well as many other bacteria that can cause infection.
JoanNortonVMD and other Large Animal Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
I just want to check in and see how your goat was doing. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions.
Dr. Norton