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Dr_Kitty, Goat and llama Vet
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my goat has a normal temperature, is drinking but will not

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my goat has a normal temperature, is drinking but will not eat. She is shivering and looks spacey. I have given one round of electrolytes but she is not dehydrated. Not to sure what to do....
Hi. Has she eaten anything out of the ordinary? Azaleas or rhododendrons? Any moldy feed? Anything else unusual?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She has been on the same feed rations for the past year. hay is from the same source. I have 6 other goats and they share food and are all fine

Does she have any other neurologic problems? Head pressing or standing weird or such?

If you shine a light in her eyes are they clear and pupils still same size?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Other than looking depressed (Hunched over, spacey, Lethargic, not interested in other goats) she seams fine. her eys are a little foggy and when i shine a lite in them her pupils get slightly smaller.


First thing I always suspect is parasites. I would deworm her tomorrow with some panacur orally. She may be anemic. You can pull down her lower eyelid and see if she is pale or if she is pink. I don t suspect toxicity If the other goats are fine. If you can, I would try and separate her so you can monitor her food and water intake and so she doesn't have to fight others for food.
If she doesn't get better or gets worse or has Neuro symptoms, you may need to get your vet out. You need to rule out listeriosis and such.

Please message me back if you have other questions and please keep me updated.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do you suggest feeding her electrolytes or molasses to giver some calories?

That would be fine to keep up her energy. I would minimize electrolytes if she does not have diarrhea.
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