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Dr_Kitty, Goat and llama Vet
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As a new goat owner, I dont know if Im feeding my goats the

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As a new goat owner, I don't know if I'm feeding my goats the right thing, or enough.
I have three nubian does (ages 6, 7, and 8 months old), and there is no place
for them to browse.

I give each one cup of Purina goat chow and apple bits in the morning, and they all have
unlimited access all day to second cut hay (and water). From time to time I give them goat treats,and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Am I giving them enough food? and if not, what else should I be buying them? it's been a long day and I'm going to bed. I'll check your reply in the morning. Thank you.


Hello there. Welcome to wonderful world of goats!

The diet you are giving sounds great. Most goats do very well on hay, as they convert it well to energy. The fresh fruits and veggies are great, too. I typically advise feed about 80% hay and the rest can be pellets, fruits/veggies, treats.

I also supplement with a good goat mineral, or, at a minimum, a salt lick. I prefer the minerals. It should be kept under cover so it doesn't get wet. You can buy a mineral feeder, or you can make one out of pvc pipe. My goats really love the Himalayan type salt crystal licks. I do provide both minerals and salt lick to my goats.

Make sure you either do regular fecal counts at the vet (preferable), or deworm them every 4-6 months. I also trim feet every 1-2 months. They should be vaccinated with a CD-T (clostridial and tetanus) vaccine, boostered as per the bottle. Usually this is 2 cc subQ. Rabies vaccine is not approved for goats, but I do have clients that I vaccinate rabies with , as they have a lot of contact with their animals.

Please message me back if you have other questions :) Enjoy your babies!

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