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Dr_Kitty, Goat and llama Vet
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Female goat, yearling, with severe abdominal pain, loss of

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Female goat, yearling, with severe abdominal pain, loss of appetite, long lasting fever (above 103.8 for 4 days), dehydrated, pale mucus membranes, listlessness, teeth grinding, circling, grunting/groaning, TREMORS/shivers, but still able to stand, urinate, and deficate. Treated with the following so far: Vit B subq, banamine, lactated ringers, Panacur, oxytetracycline, Pepto, probiotics/electrolytes. Circling!

With severe abdominal pain and fever I would think of abdominal infection of some type, rupture, ulcer, sever parasite infestation.

Have you had a vet out? If not I would strongly suggest . This can be very serious and can cause death.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Vet has been out, he is stumped without further blood testing etc as we have covered the bases for parasites and infection.


I do not think she will make it through the night...

Actually goat temp can be normal up to 104. What was she dewormed with?

How is she doing this morning?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dewormed with Panacur, 12.5ml for 5 days. (She weighs under 100lbs). Temp was at least as high as 104.5, had actually dropped on Thursday to 102.5. Friday morning temp was 100.7, then 101.4 that evening. Now up to 102.2.


She is exhibiting more extreme nuerological symptoms now. Obsessive circling in one direction, only stops occasionally for a few seconds, then continues. Has not voluntarily laid down for two days. When forced to stop circling or lay down, has jerking reaction throughout the body.


Her one eye appears non-functional/uncontrolled - eyelid is closed, eye is fixed downward when eyelid is opened. I am also not seeing a pupillary light reflex, pupils remain dilated even in bright light. Also seems to be grinding teeth more often, especially when movement is restricted, or anything is given to her orally.


My vet thinks it may be listeriosis, have stopped banamine, switched anibiotics to penicillian, trying to suppliment with electrolytes, calorie liquid, and some oatmeal (all must be given by syringe/drench). Unsure if listeriosis is the cause, as this goat has pre-existing neurological problems from head injury, which include head tilt and circling.

Listeriosis would be high on my list, also.

However, you can also have polioencephalomalacia (thiamine deficiency). Here is a pretty comprehensive link. Hopefully, you can find a supplement in your feed store this weekend to try and supplement the thiamine. There are instructions on the link for supplementing via vitamin B injections. I would first call your vet and ask if he/she has any thiamine for supplementation.

I hope she is better soon.
Hello how are things going with the goat?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well - right now I am not sure if she is improving or if she has lost too much ground and is heading out. I would like to believe that she is improving - she was able to eat hay last night and this morning if given it (placed in her mouth). She is circling less and grinding teeth less. She is laying down for longer periods of time.


She is not drinking though, and it has become too difficult to give her fluids orally(she either refuses to swallow or inhales), so she is just getting lactated ringers subq. I think she is having more difficulty in getting up after laying down. Her temperature seems to be a bit low (last two readings 100.8, then 100.2).


I started her on Dexamethazone Sunday night, and I am continuing the penicillian and Vit B. The article you posted was helpful.


I spoke with my vet again yesterday, and he suggested that I wait a few more days to assess her improvement/lack thereof/decline, so I am hoping that the gains she seems to be making continue, and that no other problems arise.


Did you do the probios? She won't be able to digest well if her gut flora is diminished. The probios should help that. Just make sure she doesn't aspirate.

Let me know how she goes in a few days. Hope she is better soon.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes - continuing the probios 2x a day just to be sure since she has been given so much stuff at high levels.

Great. I hope she pulls through for you. Please let me know how she does.
Hi Rebecca,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Lilly. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Unfortunately, Lilly passed away last night. She appeared to have recovered from the neurological symptoms, and I was about to step down her meds, but yesterday she began exhibiting signs of severe abdominal pain. I treated her with some banamine last night to try and alleviate some of the pain, but there was little else that could be done. I am considering having a necropsy done to determine COD...


Thank you for your help.

I am sorry she didn't make it. I would encourage you to get the necropsy done so that you can have a final diagnosis.

Sorry again, for your loss :(
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