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i have a Kiko kid goat ( probably about 4 to 5 months old).

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i have a Kiko kid goat ( probably about 4 to 5 months old). he appears anemic and has constant diarrhea . he is eating and drinking along with his father who is in same enclosure and who shows no signs for sickness. so i know it isnt the food or greens . we have already wormed him twice and gave b-12 shot to make him feel a little better about 3 weeks ago. still anemic. any thoughts or advice?
Hi, 'm Dr Steve. Common causes of diarrhea in young goats are parasites, diet and infections. Parasites is typically one of the most common problems that I see. I realize you have already dewormed him twice, but I have seen resistance to dewormers develop. When I have a case like this my first step is to check a fecal sample under a microscope to check for eggs. THis will determine if there is a parasite problem and will help see if your dewormer is effective. The other possibility is that he may have an intestinal infection like e.coli or salmonella. I often use an antibiotic called excenel to treat intestinal infections. The fecal sample will need to be looked at by a vet and excenel is usually only available through a vet. If you have a vet you work with , he may be able to give you a small amount of excenel to try on your goat. The diarrhea is possibly causing the anemia from electrolyte loss. I have also used oral boluses that contain activated charcoal or other ingredients to help bind up the diarrhea and slow intestinal transit time to reduce the diarrhea. I hope this has helped. Since this has been going on for so long, it may be best to contact your vet to see if these medicines are available and if they will help. I hope this has given you some ideas to try. If it has would you please click the submit button so i May receive credit for my answer. Thank you and good luck. I will check later to see if you have more questions
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the vet did say that they felt like he was sick before we got him and just didnt show any signs until after we brought him to our place. he is sequestered with his father ( who is showing no signs of illness). are you saying that after a certain amount of time of being anemic there really issnt anything we can do for him? or do you think we/our vet has been aggressive enough in treatment ?


I agree that it is possible that he may have been incubating a problem until he was stressed by moving to a different home, This can cause disease or a medical condition to flare up or to show up. It sounds like your vet has done a good job of treating the symptoms, however there other things I mentioned like the excenel and the oral binding boluses may help or at least may be something to try. THe boluses I have used are called intestisorb and are licensed for use in cattle, but have been used in sheep and goats. Since your vet has used some medicines, asking him about using these would be the next step to see if he feels they may help.

Dr Steve and 2 other Large Animal Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you