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I have a holstein bull calf who is about two months old. I

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I have a holstein bull calf who is about two months old. I noticed yesterday he was coughing a little. This morning when I went to feed him his bottle he ate fine but was coughing more and was acting weak instead of his hyper self. The only antibiotics I have on hand are BioMyocin and Penicillian. Our local vet had told me before that BioMyocin wasn't very strong, so I gave him 2 mL of Penicillian this morning and moved him inside the barn out of the weather. He was in the stall with another two month old calf and two 5 month old calves. Is there anything else I should be doing? Should I switch to the BioMyocin or stick with the Penicillian? According to the bottle I should only give him 2 mL a day is correct or should I give him more?

Penicillin should be given twice daily (at 12-hour intervals) for 3 days.


What is the name of the penicillin on the label? Is it Procaine penicillin G or Benzathine penicillin?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It is Penicillin G Procaine. So what is the dose I should be giving him? I would guess he weighs between 100-125 lbs.

The concentration of Penicillin G Procaine is generally 300,000 units per mL (check the label).


The dosage is 10,000 units per pound.


4 mL given every 12 hours is the recommended dosage for a calf weighing between 100 and 125 pounds.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So is there anything else I should be doing, or do you think the pennicilin will take care of it?

You can measure the success by taking the rectal temperature of the calf in the morning and evening. Normal temperature is 99.5 to 102.


If your calf has an elevated temperature or is still coughing after 3 days, switch to ceftiofur (Naxcel or Excenel).

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