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We have a week old calf that wasnt getting enough milk from

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We have a week old calf that wasnt getting enough milk from the mother and we were a little late getting him pulled. Now he is weak and we cannot get him to suck on a bottle. We gave him a B-12 shot earlier today hoping to spunk him up and it hasnt worked. We have a slow nipple that we use and we've been working his mouth on it, trying to get him to remember. We will then use a larger nipple to let the milk run down into his stomach so he doesnt starve. He did suck for only about 10 seconds last night and then this morning. I was wondering if you have any advice that we could use to try to help him suck and come back. Thank you

If he won't nurse put a small amount (3 to 5 cc) of straight Karo syrup on his tongue. If he swallows, that will provide him with some energy. Do that every 30 minutes.


If he begins to nurse, you can try the bottle again.


If he doesn't attempt to nurse, he will have to be given milk or fluids with electrolytes with an esophageal feeding tube into his stomach, or he will have to be given intravenous fluids.

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