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Dr. MD Stafford
Dr. MD Stafford, Veterinarian
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Experience:  20 years mixed animal practice, fish health certified and experience with embryo transfer.
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Where can I purchase Levasole Sheep Wormer Boluses in the US

Customer Question

Where can I purchase Levasole Sheep Wormer Boluses in the US in or near Arkansas, USA?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Expert:  alhdvm replied 6 years ago.

alhdvm :

Hi there. Unfortunately you are out of luck.

alhdvm :

That product is out of stock..
evamisole products simply aren't being produced right now.

I've read several different speculative reasons. One theory is that levamisole is in stage III trials for human colorectal cancer and HIV treatment, so they don't want it to be out there on the cheap in feedstores when it becomes a human treatment. Another theory is that levamisole has been discontinued because it was being used off-label in humans, and I had one feedstore guy tell me -- first hand -- that a doc from the local university had been buying it to treat his own cancer. Another theory is that the levamisole itself comes from a third party manufacturer and is then sold to Schering-Plough and AgriLabs, but that the third party either A) stopped making it or B) isn't making it available to animal health companies because of the implications of the human health trials..

What I want to find -- like, right now -- is a little stash of it somewhere.. Like, a little podunk feedstore/supply house/vet's office/whatever that happens to have a bottle of injectable, or maybe a box of the sheep boluses, or even the powder packets for drench.. I don't really care, so long as it contains either levamisole hydrochloride or levamisole phosphate..

I can figure out how to dose it.

So...basically...if anybody knows where I can locate it, I'd be in your debt if you'd give me a head's up.

alhdvm :

I'd like to be able to get some too!

Expert:  Dr. MD Stafford replied 6 years ago.
The only places you can get levamisole is overseas. It is available in the UK and Australia under the name ripercol. A private individual can buy and have some shipped in for his own use, a vet cannot. good luck.