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I have one adult goat who has sores on her hind legs, utter

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I have one adult goat who has sores on her hind legs, utter and tip of the tail only. It starts out as bare spot, then crusty looking until she bites at it so much she has bloody sores. Our vet said we would have to send off a scraping of it to be tested which is pricey. She is 6 yrs old. No one else has ever had it, except her daughter, 2 years ago.
What can this be and how can I treat her?



Sorry to hear of Dandee's skin problem.


Unfortunately the route of her problem could be:


Mange - caused by skin mites.


Bacterial skin infection.


Fungal skin infection.


Or a combination of the above.


This is why your vet wanted to take a skin scraping, that way the lab will analyse the sample and probably grow it up in the lab, then they will test to see what medication will kill the culprit. This way you find out precisely what is causing the problem and the best way to treat it. Although it may seem expensive, it is often cheaper in the long run, than trying many different medications, with non of them working.


The topical spray you had was an antibiotic, with a steroid component to try and reduce the itch, the powder could have been an antibiotic, or an anti fungal.


I'm going to link you to a couple of web sites:


I have copied you the following sections from There is information on different skin conditions and how to treat them.


It could be many types, severity and symptoms depends on the cause and sites affected like:

  • 1 - Labial dermatitis: This occur due to remains of milk residue around the mouth of pan-fed goat kids, skin becomes hard, cracked, leave disfigured area. Treated with Betnovate cream (Glaxo) or gel, correct the situation.

  • 2 - Labial and interdigital dermatitis: This developed after eating plants like, nettles, ragwort azaleas or may be due to Tromboild species mites attacks. Lanoline and petroleum jelly helps, in case of mites Malathion 0.5% spray will help.

  • 3 - Pustular dermatitis: This occurs on the teats and udder so udder covered with pus-filled eruption of staphylococcus aureus, it is treated by Phisohex which will break the pustules, clean with dettol, also Betamethasone cream helps to heal the damage skin.

  • 4 - Allergic dermatitis: This happen due to mosquito or wasps bites to the skin area like udder and vulva. Treatment with protective cream application.

  • 5 - Mange mite: Demodex and psoroptes results into intense itchy dermatitis. Treated with malathion and diazinon 10:1 as 1% solution.

Mange (Sarcoptes, Demodatic and Psoroptes)
Clinical symptoms: Flakey scruffy dandruff on the skin, severe itching, hairlessness develops and the skin becomes thick, hard and corrugated.

Preventive care: Skin scraping examination is essential. Clip hair and wash with warm water and soap. Apply 0.5% malathion or 0.5% Seven or 0.06% Lindane as spray, Swab or dip thrice at the interval of 7 days. Diptrex ointment 1% is effective.

Ring worm (Fungus)
Clinical symptoms: Inflammation of hair follicles, falling of hairs, lesions are circular on the face, shoulder, neck, eyes, irritation and rubbing, thick crusts or scales may appear.

Preventive care: After clipping hair and scrubbing with water and soap, apply acid salicylic or benzoic acid ointment 2.5% or tincture of iodine once daily till lesions heal or zephirin.

I hope this information is helpful. Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX

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