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How does a bull break his penis

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How does a bull break his penis?
Hi there.

If your vet has determined that the bull has a broken penis, this is usually due to some type of trauma. There actually is a bone inside the tissue of the penis and once it breaks from trauma or some other injury, he may not be viable to impregnate your heifers. This is very common in the breeds of cattle with a dangling penis such as Brahmas because they will actually step on it or catch it on something. Your guy probably caught it in something. He will have to be replaced.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Would it make sense that the neighboring bull would tear the fence down, causing our heifers to go over there as our bull remains in our pasture, just pawing at the ground?

We have not yet had him examined by a vet; our farm is out of town and family called us about this issue yesterday. Just exactly how does the vet examine him for this? Would he have to be put down or could we neuter him and keep him. He's very much "a pet" to us as well as "father" to our herd.

It depends on how aggressive the other bull is if he will break down the fence. This may or may not happen.

Your vet would have to place your bull in a chute in order to examine this area. If this is the problem, your vet can castrate him if you want to keep him.
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