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Dr. MD Stafford
Dr. MD Stafford, Veterinarian
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Experience:  20 years mixed animal practice, fish health certified and experience with embryo transfer.
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I have a sheep that fell while running from our donkey (who

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I have a sheep that fell while running from our donkey (who was on heat and totally out of sorts) she is dragging her back leg and limping along on the other 3 legs. I dont think it's broken - have seen no swelling. She is eating well and enjoys being carried out into the fields during the day time to eat fresh grass and enjoy the sunshine. She has been limping for 2 weeks - will this type of injury heal with time?
She probably either dislocated a hip or broke her hip. Given time they often learn to compensate. Continue to keep working with her.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So there is no treatment? If she goes into estus will this not be a problem?

There could possibly be a treatment, you will not know for sure unless you have a vet look at her. A broken hip is unfixable, a dislocated hip could possibly be repaired but would be cost prohibitive. Rest is the best answer and keep her away from the buck as mounting will cause more damage.

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