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KF Grich
KF Grich, Large Animal Vet
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Have you seen West Nile virus in goats, what are the symptoms,

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Have you seen West Nile virus in goats, what are the symptoms, treatment, and prognosis.
West Nile virus primarily causes infection in horses. It appears that other species of animals are highly resistant to infection. One study that looked at prevalence of antibody titers in dogs showed that about 10% of tested dogs had an antibody titer with no clinical signs of disease. There have been isolated reports of West Nile Virus infection in other species (sheep, goat, llama) however these are very rare and often associated with an underlyind disease. Therefore, it appears that west nile virus would not be a cause of illness in goats. Signs in horses include high fever, rear limb weakness and paralysis. Treatment is supportive care (fluids, fever reducers, nursing care). One thing I would be concerned with in your goat would be white muscle disease which is treated with injectable selenium. Other things to consider would be an injury to the back or muscles, meningeal worm, and tetanus. Having a veterinarian perform a neurologic exam may help differentiate these things. These symptoms do not appear to be due to west nile virus.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We are providing supportive care, no fever since initial antibiotics. If white muscle disease and give selenium, how long before we could expect improvement? Could I do the neurologic exam. She does swallow okay, moves legs as if trying to get up except back legs pretty stiff, can move neck but cant hold it up for long. She had access to mineral block with selenium in it. If it were tetanus, she wouldnt be able to open mouth, right? She has bleated several times especially early when seemed in pain.

If it is white muscle disease and you give her injectable selenium, you should notice improvement in 5-7 days. A neuro exam would need to be performed by a veterinarian and injectable selenium is prescription so you would need to get it from your veterinarian. She can still get white muscle disease even with access to a mineral block....may not have licked enough of it to prevent the disease. Tetanus is still a possibility. They get better with antibiotics (usually high dose penicillin). They still can open mouth with tetanus. Other signs include stiffness in rear legs, holding ears erect/stiff, bloating. I would also be concerned with a back injury. If she is not getting better with your treatments I would suggest a veterinary exam so if it is white muscle disease she can be treated accordingly. To answer your original question.....I highly doubt your goat has West Nile Virus. Hope that helps!

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank You
You are welcome! Good luck and hopefully she gets up soon....