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i have a goat that has eyes that r matted and i have wormed

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i have a goat that has eyes that r matted and i have wormed them with feed pellets . 10 days ago .she eats fine but have another one that show signs of not feeling good just mopping around what do i do
Welcome to JustAnswer, this is Dr. Christie.

I have a few questions for you to better understand the situation.

1) Any coughing or sneezing? Any mucus around the nose?

2) Any redness around the eye?

3) You mentioned you dewormed them with feed pellets. What was the dewormer? Were they experiencing diarrhea?

4) Can you take their temperature? This would help greatly! You can use a human thermometer (mercury or digital), use some KY jelly or vasoline and place into the rectum.

5) Were they born on the farm or recently acquired? Any new animals around?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the two have some coughing had just little mucus out of nose . no redness around eyes . positive pellets like from tractor supply was wormer .she only got some diarrhea after i wormed her .i have 5 goats all brought at same time ,no more here was just getting back into goats .there r so many different people telling u things . i was unsure on how to worm them some say give oral some inject some pellets .i will have to get temp.
<p>Thank you for the information. </p><p> </p><p>I would suspect your little guys may have a mild case of pneumonia, also known as goat shipping fever. Alot of times this is caused by bacteria that live normally in the respiratory tract. They can also be picked up from other animals, etc. A change in temperature or humidity, dustier conditions, etc can all cause irritation in the lungs and allow these bacteria to overgrow. It causes lethargy, coughing, possibly a clear to yellow nasal discharge, discharge around the eyes, and even a fever. Our fear with pneumonia, especially since they are younger animals, is that they can become dehydrated very quickly. </p><p> </p><p>You want to get them started on antibiotics such as Naxcel, oxytetracycline (LA-200), or even penicillin, an antiinflammatory such as banamine (flunixin meglamine), and give them as much fresh water as possible. Keep the air clean and ventilated, if they are in a pen, keep it nice and clean. You can even try some electrolytes with them. Caught early and treated, most do great!</p><p> </p><p>If they continue to get worse, I would definitely get your vet out ASAP as penumonia can take young animals down very quickly!</p><p>Dr. Christie</p>
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