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Dr. Margo
Dr. Margo, Veterinarian
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can a human get scabies from a pot belly pig

Customer Question

can a human get scabies from a pot belly pig
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Margo replied 8 years ago.



Sarcoptic scabiei variant suis (scabies) in pigs will not set up a persistent infection in a human. This is also referred to as sarcoptic mange mites.


Most animals have a species specific type of scabies that likes to live on that one species. So dogs have their own, pigs, cattle, cats etc all have their own type of scabies. Humans exposed to some animals with mange can get a short lived infection but it will resolve in less than 2 weeks. The scabies mange mite does not want to live on humans and will die or try to leave.


Humans that have a very poor immune systems (AIDS, organ transplant) can be more susceptible since they have a harder time trying to eliminate the scabies mite.


If you think you have been exposed go to your physician and let them know. Sarcoptic mange can be treated easily with ivermectin injections for your pig.


If I can answer this further please let me know.


Dr. M