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Dr. Margo
Dr. Margo, Veterinarian
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I Have A newborn BlackAngus calf its hip was broke or dislocated

Customer Question

I Have A newborn BlackAngus calf its hip was broke or dislocated either at birth or right after, first what kind of cost would I be looking at on the high side to have A vet take care of it
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Margo replied 8 years ago.



Can you tell exactly where the injury is?

Could it possibly be in the pelvis?

Is this animal male or female? Just wondered if you were thinking of using it for breeding in the future or just beef?


Dr. M

Customer: replied 8 years ago.




The calf is 4 Days old and weight approx 100 pounds and it is A bull the swelling is

in the hip area he was a large calf and had to be pulled I believe that it is dislocated

also he is trying to stand on it all the time oh he's A beef cow but I don't want him in pain

I hope this helps I await your reply


Thank You

Expert:  Dr. Margo replied 8 years ago.



Well if you can see swelling then it is unlikely that the pelvis is the problem.


Usually with a dislocation there will not be a lot of swelling but when the calf stands the hips will be a different height. This can be hard to tell if they are trying to stand on three legs.


Really serious fracture like femur (thigh) fracture are uncommon unless the cow stepped on him or he was injured during an assisted birth.


A veterinarian should be able to get a good idea of where the fracture is upon exam. If it is the pelvis that is fractured some of these animals will heal enough over time (with restricted activity) to have a comfortable existence. Since he will not be around more than a few years and he will not deal with too much arthritis.


A fracture of the femur is harder to cast. Proper fixation may require surgery. A fracture of the lower leg (which you mentioned is unlikely) this type can be casted if the bone hasn't moved too much or gone through the skin.


Best case would be a farm call, exam, sedation and cast for a fracture or reduction of a dislocation. $200

Worst case is a farm call, exam and euthanasia (because of a bad fracture that you can't fix.) $75-$100

Also bad would be a fracture that can be fixed but will require surgery. This will cost $400 and up. Depending upon what prices run in your area.


If I can answer anything please let me know.


Dr. M