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Dr Bob
Dr Bob, Large Animal Vet
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
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Experience:  10 yrs in a mixed animal practice with interest in cattle/equine medicine and reproduction
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goat: doent want to eat or able to force water down

Customer Question

My goat doen't want to eat or drink. I'm able to force water down but to much. He won't walk but seem to know who I am. Missed him and when looking for him and found him not walking. He was ok two days ago. Anything I can do till I can get a vet to see him?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Large Animal Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Bob replied 8 years ago.

Sorry to hear about your goat problems. I have some ideas that should help.


Lets concentrate on what you can do now to help your goat before your veterinarian can arrive to help.

  1. Make sure he is sternal, meaning he is sitting with his head up and not laying on his side. If he lays on his side for to long he could bloat, which is when his stomach (rumen) fills up with gas. This can make it hard for him to breathe and can be life threatening. You might have to put a bale of hay against his side or use something else that can keep his head up and his feet under him.
  2. Stop giving him oral fluids until the veterinarian can get there to examine him. We worry about getting fluid in his lungs
  3. Make sure he has protection from the environment. Either keep him protected from the cold and windy weather or make sure he is cool with a fan or breeze if in hot temperatures.

  4. Keep other goats and/or livestock away from him. If he has a sickness we want to try and isolate him from others and we don't want him being picked on.

This should allow you to help your goat until your veterinarian can get there and determine what was the cause of his sickness. Any more questions please let me know.


Dr Bob