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I have a new monitor two act as a second monitor for my

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I have a new monitor two act as a second monitor for my macbook pro laptop. Can you help me get it running and to have my laptop see it?

Hi my name is***** allow me take a look at your original question so I don’t miss any details.

OK thats awesome you have a second monitor to hook up to your macbook. It is fairly simple but the hardest thing is figuring out what input for the TV you can use such as VGA, DVI, HDMI,.

Then you just need to decide what output you are going to use from your macbook. Does it have an HDMI built into the side of the macbook pro? If not no worries as apple has several different adapters to choose from. If you have a thunderbolt output on the side, you can purchase a thunderbolt to HDMI adapter such as the one seen here.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I think i have it working, but im u hapoy with the glare on the second monitor. Its a bit hard to see clearly

So once you know what input for the TV/monitor and what output for the macbook you are going to use, then you basically just plug it in. You may need to find your controller for the TV so you can change the input to the correct input such as HDMI.

Then once its connected, you can go into apple/system preferences/displays and then click the "Arrangement" tab at the top. In here, you can either check the box called "Mirror Displays" which copies your macbook screen exactly the way it is to the monitor/tv or leave it unchecked for an extended version which will "extend" to the monitor instead of mirror meaning you can drag browser windows or apps manually over to the area of the monitor . It will seem like you have one huge long screen.

OK sorry I just saw your last post let me look at the pic real quick.

Yes you have it working, all monitors have different glares and views that look better or worse then others. It really just depends. However you can either mess with the monitor built in settings to see if changing brightness, sharpness, etc. helps or on the mac you can go to apple/system preferences/displays and under the "color tab" there are sometimes other color profiles to use.

Thats cool though I have always wanted a vertical screen like that.

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Let me know if you have any other questions.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
If its new, will it settle over time?

From the pic it is hard to tell, but is it "flickering" at all or look really washed out, or is it just a glare issue.

Also, what might help is I use the app called "brighter screen light" which sits up next to your time in the top right corner of your screen on the mac and then you can adjust the brightness for both screens at the same time. Just FYI :)

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Its not flickering, its more an angle based glare issue across the screen

Yeah then unfortunately you would just have to find an angle to counter that glare. However, it also depends on the monitor and the screen itself. Some have anti-glare glass but all brands are different. You could always try a privacy screen such as the one below but obviously is the wrong size, but you get the idea.