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sudipto_dutta, Computer Hardware Engineer
Category: Laptop
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Experience:  Computer Hardware EngineerCertificate Course In Computer Maintenance,8+ years of Experience in computer troubleshooting
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I have a Lenovo T61 that has been a good laptop until the

Customer Question

I have a Lenovo T61 that has been a good laptop until the last few days when I got a vertical line now running from top to bottom of screen. I am worried this may be end of my laptop. Do you know what might have caused this problem ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Laptop
Expert:  sudipto_dutta replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for using our service and very sorry to hear about the problem. Vertical lines are a very common laptop screen problem.The problem itself may not be the LCD or LED screen but a motherboard or video card display issue. One quick little test you can do at home (providing you have access to a PC monitor or TV capable of accepting computer input), is to hook the problem laptop up to an external video monitor.If the vertical lines display on this external output also then you are looking at an issue other than a failing LCD/LED screen. In that case, the problem can be with the graphics card or the motherboard. Now, honestly speaking the only after checking the motherboard physically anyone can tell what is exactly defective. In any case, the repairing cost will be high, so if you want to save data instead of repairing the laptop then, you can remove the hard drive from the laptop and install it in any other desktop PC.