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Sandy, Computer Enthusiast
Category: Laptop
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Experience:  I have been fixing computers since last 7 years
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My year-old ASUS convertible laptop just restarted itself

Customer Question

My year-old ASUS convertible laptop just restarted itself and now the keyboard will not work AT ALL. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, which had no effect.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Laptop
Expert:  Sandy replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I'm Sandy and I look forward to help you today with the best answer possible.

I'm sorry about the issue.

I will work with you until it gets fixed. This is a question and answer session. Please do not hesitate to reply back to me at the box given below.

Please follow these steps once:

A. Put the computer in sleep mode and then restart it.

B. Put the computer in hibernate mode and then restart.

C. If not fixed:

Turn off the laptop.
Disconnect the power cord.
Now unplug the battery. You can turn it over to remove the battery.
Hold down the power button on the laptop for 1 minute.
Now, connect only power cord and restart it.

Step D:

1.In Modern UI Start Window, search for "Device Manager" and press ENTER.

2.Expand "Keyboards." Right-click the entry for the keyboard nested under "Keyboards."

3.Then select "Uninstall."

4.Restart the computer. The computer will reinstall the drivers for the keyboard.

Step E: Please connect external USB keyboard and then follow the steps:

Some hidden malware/spyware/adware could be causing this issue:

I suggest you to scan your computer using free version of Super anti-spyware software. This will remove all of the malwares, spywares and viruses from the computer.

Note: If you already have installed Anti-virus programs like Norton, mcafee, CA, kaspersky on the computer, still I suggest you to download and install Super anti-spyware as the Anti-virus program does not remove Malwares/adwares/spywares effectively.

You can download the free version using the link given below:

Please run quick scan to complete it in 15-20 minutes.

Please clean/remove the bad cookies when the scan is over.

Restart your computer.

Step F: . If still does not work:

Please clean the keyboard or check bad connection or folded ribbon cable:

Click Me

Click Me

If you have any other query regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Please take a second to rate my service by clicking stars at the top of the screen then submit. Bonus/tip is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much,


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