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Sandy, Computer Enthusiast
Category: Laptop
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Experience:  I have been fixing computers since last 7 years
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My acer all in one desktop will not boot when i try it says

Customer Question

my acer all in one desktop will not boot when i try it says reboot and select proper boot device someone hacked me a while back and wow its awful i order the system disc set that includes recover im at a loss,plz help
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Laptop
Expert:  Sandy replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I'm Sandy and I look forward to help you today with the best answer possible.

I'm sorry about the issue.

I will work with you until it is fixed. This is a question and answer session. Please keep on replying back to me at the box given below. I appreciate your patience.

Please understand that we are Justanswer team, an independent tech support service provider. Since it could be a hardware issue, I hope you won't blame me by leaving negative feedback(poor/bad).

Please follow the steps:


Turn off the computer.
Disconnect the power cord from Main supply.
Now hold down the power button on the tower for 1 minute.

Connect it back to power and restart the computer.


Reset bios settings:

  1. To access the BIOS: As soon as you restart your computer, please start tapping (hitting up and down F2 key, if this does not work, please use F1 or Del or Delete key next time)

  2. Press F9/F5 to reset the BIOS defaults, and press Enter to confirm the action.

  3. Press F10 to save the change and exit the BIOS, and then press Enter to confirm.

Allow the computer to restart

Step C: It could be due to some loose connector between the hard drive and mother board.

You need to try the following:
Please open the case(tower) and then check the connection between the hard drive and mother board and connect them firmly.

Or Reseat(take it out and put it back) the hard drive.

If this does not help you, please let me know, I will provide you additional steps.

Please rate my service by choosing stars and then click Submit button.

Thank you, Sandy

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