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Louie, Hardware technician
Category: Laptop
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My computer would not go on so it said on the screen it

Customer Question

Hi. my computer would not go on so it said on the screen it would find the problem and repair itself. It said it could not repair itself but I restarted it and all was well. Ci was watching FIRST ROW. Com the golf. Lost the video but not the audio so I tried to exit. Nope. So finally after trying to exit the program unsuccessfuly I pushed the off button on the laptop ... Lost the screen but the audio continues. I can't turn the sucker off... After an hr the audio just stopped but the comp light is still on.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Laptop
Expert:  Louie replied 2 years ago.
Hi and welcome to JustAnswer,Thank you for the question and your patience. Should you still need assistance for information purposes only...Initially and for some reason, the system would not allow this question to be re-categorized to computer/laptop.Still, the only easy user doable attempt; remove the AC adapter/charger and the battery for an extended period of time. Thereafter, try the Toshiba with just the AC adapter / with no battery. If it works. turn off and re-install the battery. If the above is not corrective, then it would be an internal hardware issue.Please post back results / observations of the above once tried.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Got it working myself. And it even makes ice cubes now too. Thanks for........
Expert:  Louie replied 2 years ago.
Great! Good to hear that the issue has been resolved, congratulations.Good luck and thank you too for the opportunity to be able to share the information.This is not an Info Request.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Have a good day Louie.
Expert:  Louie replied 2 years ago.
And you too.

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