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i have an acer aspire one 722. It wont boot in windows or

Customer Question

i have an acer aspire one 722. It won't boot in windows or safe mode. It won't flash the BIOS either. It was always going to an error message that said
file: /windown/systemthirty2/hdcom.dll is missing or corrupt. None of the bus ports or the sd port will read anything. If you plug a drive in with software it says there is a drive (whichever drive u connect to) that has no operating system is in whichever drive remove the device and reboot. I thought it was fixed when I tried to flash the bios, but it was actually stuck in a booting loop. I took it apart last night and removed the CMOS battery for a couple hours and then put it back together. Now it doesn't show the same error, but it keeps asking for the system disc. I don't have one, and I tried to install my windows 7 from my dell laptop to it but it doesn't read the ports. Won't access D2D and when u get an option for safe mode or any other boot options u hit enter and it leaves the screen but only to start back into a booting loop. I think some of the operating system must be gone. It all started when my daughter was playing a video game online with it and she just shut it down by turning the power off and it crashed right then.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Laptop
Expert:  Wes replied 5 years ago.

Wes :

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today. It does sound like a possible hard drive problem. Are you familiar with how to get into the BIOS/CMOS setup? If so, enter the setup and see if the hard drive is still shown somewhere in the BIOS menus.

Wes :

Also, if you are familiar with burning .iso images to CDs, you should burn a copy of drive fitness test to test the hard drive. You can obtain a copy of Drive Fitness Test (DFT) from here:

Wes :

Burn it to CD using a utility like imgburn, available from

Wes :

boot from that CD and it will test the hard drive (the process is fairly self-explanatory). You don't need to load any SCSI drivers, and make sure you do a full test, not the quick test. If you get a red screen back, it means the hard drive has failed or is in danger of failing and will need to be replaced.

JACUSTOMER-vmoso3d6- :
Wes :

I didn't get the message you sent at 9:57

JACUSTOMER-vmoso3d6- :

I was saying the bus ports are not read by the pc and every flash pen I have put in it with windows recovery, BIOS Flash, SD card loaded with a full install of Windows 7 and mcaffee virus scan.I realizr that u r right about the hard drive not being recognized and I am sure I know y. The little black retaining clips that hold the umbilical from hdd to motherboard flew when I took it out and I couldn't find it. I had the same thing happen to the one on the keyboard and it had no function until I found that clip and installed it. then the keyboard came up.I imagine if I could replace that clip I might b able to install my windows. I made a bootup disk with all my Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on the flashdrive, but I downloaded all the acer drivers and some applications and put them together. The only thing I am pretty cloudy on is whether there will be any conflicting software ie, missing once shared files or a driver that has a software conflict, but the acer also had windows 7 home premium 64bit. I also tried several ways to hook my Dell to the acer via ethernet and bus but without being able to enable networking on the acerI don't know if there is a way to get in there. Do you have any good advice? sorry I had to leave earlier today. Thanks you



I found the little retaining piece and put it on the umbilical, but it still doesn't show the hard drive. I notice now if you put a flash pen in a bus port and do the esc +fn and power up for flashing BIOS, it will go into the state as if it istaking it. Before resetting the BIOS by removing the CMOS it wouldn't do anything no matter what u pushed, just keep running in a loop back and forth from the hdcom.dll is missing or corrupt to a recovery error screen with options for safe mode, restarting normally, enabling logging on boot and a few others. U could never access any of them though except I could go in the F2 and F12 boot and BIOS menus.the hard drive is running and if u start the flash process it will keep running for hoursonly the screen will stay black ubtil ukill the power. ctrl + alt + del dorsn't take me to task manager or reboot. here is another weird thing all small L's are written upside down. Thansk.


Wes :

For getting the OS loaded, you may want to look into the utility nlite from here: what it lets you do is create custom Windows setup images that you can import your own drivers into. If you can download the other drivers from the Acer website, you may be able to get those drivers onto the nlite image and then it will install all of the appropriate drivers during setup.

Is the Dell disc you are using a restore disc or is it just a regular windows 7 install disc? If it's a Dell recovery disc, it may install some drivers that the Acer won't use but as long as you can get windows to boot, have control of the keyboard/touchpad and a usb port you can load the appropriate acer drivers later.

I would stop trying to flash the bios until you get windows functioning on it, because you don't want to introduce more potential problems by doing two operations at once. It's possible that the ribbon cable was damaged when you took the laptop apart, so that may be why it's not seeing the hard drive. You won't be able to get anywhere with installing windows of course until the communication with the hard drive is restored, so that needs to be addressed first.

Wes :

You can get the drivers for your netbook here:

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was out of town. I can't get the acer aspire one 722 to take a reformat and install from any bus port. When I tried to link up with it via lan connection (wireless, ethernet, and bus slave) it shows the ports are not open. Do you think I need to take the hdd out put it in an external caddy and hook it to my Dell to install then put it back in the acer? or do u have a simpler solution? Thanks.
Expert:  Wes replied 5 years ago.
Is the hard drive seen in BIOS?