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How can I turn on the built-in motion eye camera on my Sony

Resolved Question:

How can I turn on the built-in motion eye camera on my Sony Vaio?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Laptop
Expert:  SLCBTM replied 5 years ago.
I have come across this issue on one of my Sony laptops I had previously, I have some things you can try but first, just a couple things...

What operating system version are you using?

What version of Skype are you using?

You mentioned you uninstalled the driver & allowed it to search, did it find it, is your webcam driver installed currently?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


* Windows 7 home premium


* Skype


* When I go to Device Manager/imaging devices/ three USB device properties are shown, the first of which is windows\system32\drivers\arcsoftksUfilter.sys


The second and third listings are windows\system32\drivers\ksthunk.sys and windows\system32\drivers\usbvideo.sys


I hope this helps. I do wonder why all refer to USB devices when the video camera is built-in.



Expert:  SLCBTM replied 5 years ago.
There are actually a number of issues that Skype has with Sony Vaio and with Win7. I'm throwing out a couple questions to you to try and narrow down which issue your is as best I can. If you answer one in the other that's fine skip it.

Exactly what happens when you are in Skype, do you get error messages, if so what are they?

Does Skype see your webcam in the list and allow you to choose it?

Can you go into video chats, if so can you see the other person but your cam isn't on?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Let me start by saying that I don't know that this is a Skype issue. As best I can tell, the camera does not come on in Skype, but I don't know that any other program will work either in that the LED light, indicating that the camera is on, does not light.


No error messages. I can see the person I have called but they cannot see me and I cannot see me either. Again, I don't think the camera is on.


On Skype\tools\options\video settings I get the message: "Can't start video. Try closing other programs that might be using your webcam." I have no idea how to check if other programs are using it, and I don't know why they would be. Moreover, the webcam light is NOT ON.


I hope this helps.

Expert:  SLCBTM replied 5 years ago.
It helps but it doesn't. it helps that I have all of the facts about what is going on, it doesn't help because from those facts, it does not point to one exact problem, it still leaves me with the same very long list of things for you to try, nothing has been ruled out from what you describe. I am putting together your answer right now, I'll post when it's complete.
Expert:  SLCBTM replied 5 years ago.
I have some things for you to try, I need to know which set of drivers you need, do you have Win7 32 or 64 bit?
Expert:  SLCBTM replied 5 years ago.

There is not a clear cut fix for this. I have found user forums going all the way back to 2009 and beyond with people all having the exact same problem. Now I remember how big of a project it was to get mine working years ago, then 2 weeks later I ended up getting rid of it for a different reason.

I’ve got a list of things for you to try, as I said, the list of people I found with the exact same issue but a different fix was unbelievable. Some fixed their problem with different drivers, some fixed it with using additional software, some people never got it working, it’s trial and error, I hope in one of these possibilities you find your solution. However I sympathize with you as someone who has been through this, one could look at it as it’s Sony or Skype’s responsibility to fix it and make it work for you but here is their answer to that; Sony: We didn’t tell you to use Skype – Skype: We didn’t tell you to use Sony. That’s enough about that…

If I only had 1 shot at picking something for you to try, it would be this, that’s why I’m putting it on top of the list before anything else. It’s called Sony WebCam Companion Software. It is from Sony itself release to address the issue of their webcam functioning under Windows7. Install this and try your cam, if it doesn’t work, don’t uninstall this, either way I would leave this on your system installed. If Sony is releasing it, there’s a good chance it’s needed no matter what.

Next install this, Microsoft Fix-It. What it does is scans your device list for things either not working or not installed and claims to repair the problem. This should address your webcam issue as well as any other hardware issues you may not even know about.

Sony Magic-I Camera compatibility for Win7 update. Also listed as a patch to make the camera function in Win7.

The items above are from Sony and Microsoft so those I’m comfortable telling you to just do. As far as drivers, because I have not downloaded any of these files or tested installing the drivers, I can’t guarantee anything about them, which is why I am not linking them directly. I don’t want to make it seem that I am telling you to install any of these as in the event something goes terribly wrong. So I am going to link up the forums relevant to your issue for you to decide which of these you are comfortable trying.

Here the top post from frickinnoob says for his SZ650 he has to install the Ricoh camera drivers he linked to in his post which his link also contains a readme file on how to install the 1 driver out of the entire .zip file you need.

Here newsguy880 says his Skype/Vaio/Win7 incompatibility was due to an mpeg encoder, click on goto solution to find the download link.

There is one more thing I know of you could try. This is more of a workaround, but if it’s the only thing that works…

Download a program called SplitCamera. Install it and open Skype. In the Skype menu, click ‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Select Webcam’ Select ‘Splitcam Video Capture’
When the Splitcam window opens, goto Source and select Camera, it will now stream through Skype.

I hope one of these options helps, other than these; I am all out of ideas.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi -- Sony Webcam Companion, Microsoft Fix-it, and Magic I Camera did not work, or at least did nothing I am aware of. Loading the Ricoh driver seems to have worked, except to say that I had to delete ArcSoft (I think that was the name of the program) whcih appeared to interfere. However, I am not totally sure I have full functionality since the camera froze on Skype after every 2-4 minutes of use. Incoming video did not freeze. It shouldn't have been a question of upload speed since we have a high speed connection via cable in our building and fiber optic to the building. I will Skype again this weekend and let you know the results.



Expert:  SLCBTM replied 5 years ago.
And that is why I sympathized with you ahead of time... I'm wondering about the conflict w/Arcsoft which yes is the cam software and a module Sony said had an incompatibility w/Win7 and needed the update I sent you. At least your getting there... I'm going to do some looking around on the conflict and see what I can find.
Expert:  SLCBTM replied 5 years ago.

As I search and search it is exactly as I said, I have found another couple solutions that have worked for some and not others but in your case every possibility counts.

Solution 1: Check to make sure you have DirectX9c or higher.
Click ‘Start’ then if you have ‘Run’ click it, if not then in the search box at the bottom type dxdiag ‘Enter’

In the windows that opens, it should be on the ‘System’ tab. Bottom of the list will say ‘DirectX Version’ If not at least 9c, download 11 here.

Then click the ‘Display’ tab, in the middle you will have a box named ‘DirectX Features’ make sure all 3 are enabled and that under ‘Notes’ there are no problems as shown here:


If there are any problems or things not enabled, try installing 11 from the link above even if you already have 11, a fresh install may fix things.


Suggestion 2: Make sure Skype is disabled from auto-starting w/Windows so that you can make sure your webcam drivers load BEFORE Skype starts.

Make sure you are signed out then in the ‘Welcome to Skype’ window, uncheck ‘Start Skype When Computer Starts.’ Close Skype, reboot your computer and try again.


Suggestion 3: This one is not so much a solution as a way to keep tabs on if things fix after trying each possibility. Use the Skype client to check your audio and video. In Skype, click ‘Help’ > ‘Call Quality Guide’ > ‘Sound Check Wizard’ Though it says sound, it will check both audio and video.

After you have tried everything in my previous answer and everything here, it may just come down to a situation where you are not going to be able to use the built-in camera w/Skype. I know that’s not an answer someone wants to hear, but sometimes hardware and software just will not work together no matter what you do. As I told you previously, if you were to call Sony and explain to them that you bought this laptop strictly to use the built in cam w/Skype and you want it to work or else, they would probably run you through some troubleshooting just as I have, but in the end if they can’t get it working, they will simply tell you as long as the webcam is working on the system which you said it was but video froze on Skype after 2-4 mins, that it’s not an issue with the hardware it’s third party software. Skype would tell you the reverse, if you can install and run our software, it’s not our problem, use a different camera. I know it’s not fair and makes you feel like you’re getting jammed in the rear from both ends, but it’s the sad reality of the issue. I told you how I had the same issue w/my Vaio a couple years ago, I was able to fix mine, but I had your same issue w/my wife’s laptop and Juno and their video chat feature. Juno is a free email service that a while back introduced video chat. I had your same issue that her video would freeze after only a couple seconds, I spent weeks troubleshooting, and I don’t know how being that Juno provides no support for its free users only premium members, but I got someone on the phone who was willing to try a couple things. In the end I just could not make it work and had to buy an external usb webcam which worked fine from the start.

Suggestion 4: One other thing you could try is using a different version of Skype, I’m not talking about going all the way back to version 1, but I’m giving you a link to a site that has every version of Skype ever released free for download. I checked the Win7 Compatibility checklist site, and the only version it says will not work on 7 is version 2 free, everything else lists compatible. Try going 1 – 2 versions different, it’s going to be trial and error to see if it helps and a lot of uninstalling / re-installing, but if it solves your problem, it will be worth it. If your using version 5, try the latest release of 4, if that doesn’t work, try the earliest release of 4. If you’re using 4, try 5 then 3. Skype Old Versions

Suggestion 5: Lastly, here is a link to the Sony page specifically for your laptop. Click on the ‘Drivers & Software’ tab then select your operating system from the drop-down list. There are a couple things I noticed in there that you could try downloading, you may already have these versions, but it’s an option. Under ‘Camera’ there’s 2 things, under ‘Sony Applications’ start w/Vaio Care then some of the other diagnostic items listed, try hardware diagnostics software, under Video make sure you have the latest graphics driver.

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