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W. Sorgen
W. Sorgen, ISA Ceritified Arborist
Category: Landscaping
Satisfied Customers: 175
Experience:  Bachelor's degree in forestry, and owner of a residential/commercial tree service.
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This question may not be a "landscaping" question. Would

Customer Question

This question may not be a "landscaping" question. Would appreciate knowing if there is a better category. We have a detached garage, and just discovered we had termites come up through a crack in the floor and attack some furniture we had stored there.
What is the best treatment to put down the crack. Do we seal it after? or does that drive them elsewhere (toward the walls for instance). Should we treat, wait "x" amount of time, then retreat or ??
We do not want to drive them toward the house .... not sure what to do.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Landscaping
Expert:  W. Sorgen replied 9 months ago.
You want to find the source, and attack them there. You need a termite inspection done by a pest control professional; they may already be in your home structure.

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