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Andrew Fraser
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I planted 3 mandevilla near a fence in my back yard - plants

Customer Question

I planted 3 mandevilla near a fence in my back yard - plants went in around April- I live in Houston- have watered them regularly- and they are good- not great- green- not growing or blooming. Now- I see a powdery "fungus" type stuff around the base and on some of the wood stems- concerned that this is due to too much moisture- not enough sun.Feel like I should dig them up- put them in pots- and move to a location with more sun? Am I on the right track? and if so- what fast growing vine could I plant in a moist, semi-shaded location to cover a trellis to create privacy? Thank you
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Landscaping
Expert:  Andrew Fraser replied 10 months ago.

Hello and thank you for your question. In sounds like you have some powdery mildew, or other fungal issue, and likely due to the shorter days and possible additional moisture. If the plant is green and not showing brown on leaf tips, you're probably good. Send a few pics for review if you can. I wouldn't move them if you can help it, unless you are confident they are in the wrong spot. Here is a link of vines for down your way for review: Sometimes plants need a year or two to take off. I personally like the Honeysuckle vines as they have a great spread of colors to choose from.

Expert:  Andrew Fraser replied 10 months ago.

How are you doing on your vine project?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Checked them again this morning- yellowing leaves/ and leaf drop. Def fungus. Sprayed Ortho fungcide- hoping it does the trick. Watering by hand to reduce moisture on the leaves. They should do great in this TX heat/humidity. Maybe I'm trying too hard.
Expert:  Andrew Fraser replied 10 months ago.

How is the drainage for the roots? Keeping water off foliage is great, but you will want to ensure that the roots are happy too. They like well drained soil, and often people mix sand in with their potting mix or planting bed to ensure they don't get wet feet. They also like hi Phosphorus fertilizer.

Expert:  Andrew Fraser replied 10 months ago.

Hello there,

How are your plants? Any improvement?

Can you also please provide a rating for my service... Thank you.