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Martin, Electrical Engineer
Category: Landscaping
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Experience:  Design, construct, fix and grow stuff around and in the home.
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Our very large silver maple is rotting out where a large

Customer Question

Our very large silver maple is rotting out where a large section was cut off years ago there a treatment I could use
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Landscaping
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.

Hi. I have, manage and work on woodland and i can tell you that a silver mapple tree next to a house is a very bad idea. It is not for nothing that those trees grow so fast. Compared to a dense sugar mapple, silver mapple are a very soft wood and the tree do not produce tannin and have thin bark and have very nutricious sap like all mapple. All this allow the fungi to decompose and eat the tree very fast. So those tree often fail in a fork or at large branches. They are very short lived tree and still have time to become very large and hard to remove (you can't really risk climbing in one and require a boom truck for the worker if the tree have to be cut from the top). They often have to be cut that way because if you use your chainsaw to make a normal falling hinge at the base, they whole thing can be allow and collapse without having any directionnal control ofver the fall anymore. Because of tannins an oak with average vigor can get hollow slowly from the outside and still be save but a silver mapple is always an accident waiting to happen (even if they can look very majestuous, that is just on the surface).