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I have been a participant of the HUD Dallas Housing

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I have been a participant of the HUD Dallas Housing Authority subsidized housing (rental) assistance program for over 15 years. They have suddenly terminated me from the program because I was unable to respond to a minor problem due to the factor that I am currently in a physical rehabilitation center related to an injury I recently incurred. They forwarded me a letter regarding the problem, but because I am a patient here, I did not receive it. I have since rectified the problem, however they say it may be too late. They recommend that I go in-person tomorrow to the Main office to see if there is any way I might be reinstated into the program. In your opinion, how can I best advocate for my case and to whom could I turn to for recourse if they are adamant and not willing to cooperate? Without their help, Imay not be able to find decent and safe housing. Thank you.

Hello and welcome. I am working on your answer and will be right back!

You should be able to secure reinstatement since the breach was minor and has been cured. You can suggest that unless this is done you will file a lawsuit to get a court order to that effect, and go to the press about an illegal winter eviction taking place and taking advantage of your injury. You can do this yourself or retain a public services lawyer to assist. You should ask for a supervisor who should have more authority to resolve this for you.

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