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I am presently in a case (l&t), my father has been ill and

Customer Question

I am presently in a case (l&t), my father has been ill and family , i have had past adjournments do to my illness , and familyi was rushed to hospital for a diabetic foot infection , and was treated , and medicated . The judge of my case was a no show , than when getting a new calendar date the judge ignored my calender , and my doctors monitoring (working), and i informed the judge i have surgery on that day she rescheduled , re diabetic foot infection .now the attorney (oppisite) supboena my doctor and all my medical records . Amazing because 4 doctors confirmed i have a foot infection2 of the doctors were from emergency roomis this legalmy doctor is a foot doctor and plenty of old people , have the same situation as me . diabetic with feet infection .
if my doctor dont service them are subject to lose parts of there can an attorney just take a doctor away from his business(lives depend on him)
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  Trial_master replied 9 months ago.

Good day, my name is Brandon. If the attorney subpoenaed your medical records, that wouldn't require your doctor to make a personal appearance in court or take him away from his business. It would just require your doctor to produce a copy of your records. If your records are relevant to the case, then your doctor would just need to obey the subpoena, send a copy of your file, and he could then go back to business.

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