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I have recently lost my wife and sold our home and moved

Customer Question

I have recently lost my wife and sold our home and moved into an apt on Aug 18. on the 28th of Aug I suffered a heart attack and stroke putting me in the hospital until Sep 18th. My daughter and her friend helped me move into the apt and where planing on returning to Tn, where they lived, until I was placed into the hospital. Due to the nature of the hospitalisation my daughter was detained in leaving and periodically staying in my apt to handle my affairs (no longer than 6 days as to not break lease agreement) I personally spoke to an employee in the lease office apprising them of the situation. My daughter also went into the office and spoke face to face with staff about the same situation. At no time did the office staff indicate, to either of us, that it was a problem saying "not to worry it is ok". On the morning of the 13th of Sep my daughter returned to Tn to gather her belonging to move back to Tx so that she could be close enough to assist me in my daily needs for recovery. My son visited my apt on Sat the 17th to check on my cats when he noticed a Notice of eviction inside the door (posted Sep 13) to be out no later than the 16th of Sep. I was not released from the hospital until Sep 18th. Upon my return I went into the lease office to rectify the issue and was greeted with mild hostility. The apt manager refused to see the error presented by misinformation and has gone forward with eviction. What are my options and this legal?
I will be away at a Dr Apt and will return ASAP to further discuss
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  LandlordTenantAnswer replied 1 year ago.

Good afternoon. I am sorry to hear about your situation regarding your health and the loss of your wife. Can you please share with me the basis of the eviction?