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Thomas McJD
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I have a tenant in Renton, WA who pays but is violent and

Customer Question

I have a tenant in Renton, WA who pays but is violent and screams abusively to everyone and at night, therefore disturbing all the rest of the tenants. Police has been called a dozen times. Now I have incurred her fees from the condo to pay $350.00
She is deranged and her husband put her there, did not show on the search when I was checking on her. He pays the bills. She is on a month to month rent.
How do I evict her ASAP. State of WA requires a 10 or 20 day letter of eviction. If she sees it she may burn the place. Everyone is afraid of her in the building. I need help. Please.
Edith ***********
[email protected]
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  LandlordTenantAnswer replied 11 months ago.

Good afternoon. I certainly understand the situation and your concern. A 3 day notice could be given, based upon her actions. Once the 3 days pass, you can proceed through the court and file for eviction, if she remains. I know you are worried but you do need to go through the eviction process and can not use self help, to get her out. If you do have concerns, you can call the police and if she is damanging the property, they can arrest her.

RCW 59.12.030

Unlawful detainer defined.

A tenant of real property for a term less than life is guilty of unlawful detainer either:

(1) When he or she holds over or continues in possession, in person or by subtenant, of the property or any part thereof after the expiration of the term for which it is let to him or her. When real property is leased for a specified term or period by express or implied contract, whether written or oral, the tenancy shall be terminated without notice at the expiration of the specified term or period;

(2) When he or she, having leased property for an indefinite time with monthly or other periodic rent reserved, continues in possession thereof, in person or by subtenant, after the end of any such month or period, when the landlord, more than twenty days prior to the end of such month or period, has served notice (in manner in RCW 59.12.040 provided) requiring him or her to quit the premises at the expiration of such month or period;

(3) When he or she continues in possession in person or by subtenant after a default in the payment of rent, and after notice in writing requiring in the alternative the payment of the rent or the surrender of the detained premises, served (in manner in RCW 59.12.040 provided) in behalf of the person entitled to the rent upon the person owing it, has remained uncomplied with for the period of three days after service thereof. The notice may be served at any time after the rent becomes due;

(4) When he or she continues in possession in person or by subtenant after a neglect or failure to keep or perform any other condition or covenant of the lease or agreement under which the property is held, including any covenant not to assign or sublet, than one for the payment of rent, and after notice in writing requiring in the alternative the performance of such condition or covenant or the surrender of the property, served (in manner in RCW59.12.040 provided) upon him or her, and if there is a subtenant in actual possession of the premises, also upon such subtenant, shall remain uncomplied with for ten days after service thereof. Within ten days after the service of such notice the tenant, or any subtenant in actual occupation of the premises, or any mortgagee of the term, or other person interested in its continuance, may perform such condition or covenant and thereby save the lease from such forfeiture;

(5) When he or she commits or permits waste upon the demised premises, or when he or she sets up or carries on thereon any unlawful business, or when he or she erects, suffers, permits, or maintains on or about the premises any nuisance, and remains in possession after the service (in manner in RCW 59.12.040 provided) upon him or her of three days' notice to quit;

(6) A person who, without the permission of the owner and without having color of title thereto, enters upon land of another and who fails or refuses to remove therefrom after three days' notice, in writing and served upon him or her in the manner provided in RCW 59.12.040. Such person may also be subject to the criminal provisions of chapter 9A.52 RCW; or

(7) When he or she commits or permits any gang-related activity at the premises as prohibited by RCW 59.18.130.

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