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Category: Landlord-Tenant
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Experience:  Attorney with 15 years experience
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Landlord told me to get rid of my emotional support dog, or

Customer Question

landlord told me to get rid of my emotional support dog, or they would evict me. manager tells me they receive a lot of complaints about my small Rat Terrier, but will not tell me who is complaining, what they are complaining about, what day it happened etc. They don't tell me any specifics about the complaints, just tell me I have been warned. I can't solve a problem, if I don't know what it is. I live in HUD apt in Oconto Falls, WI, management company is in Green Bay WI. I would think I would have a legal right to know who is complaining, what they are complaining about and what day it involved. They won't tell me, just say take care of it. They are tired of the complaints. Where would I file a complaint?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I'm Heather, an attorney with 15 years experience and I'd like to assist for informational purposes.

There isn't really any law that states that the manager has to tell you who made the complaint. The management probably has that policy, because if they tell you who it is, there is a potential that there could be hostilities or confrontations come up, and that would cause more problems for everyone.

On the other hand, you are totally right, that they need to tell you what the complaint was about. You cannot correct a problem if you don't know what the problem is. You don't know if it's about noise, or the dog going to the bathroom in the wrong place. You have no idea and cannot fix the problem without that information.

I think you need to write a letter to management stating that you are happy to take care of any issues with your animals, but since they have not identified any specific issue, you don't have anything that you are aware of that needs to be corrected. Until they give you the nature of the problem, then you can't take care of it.

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