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I am a current tenant at Camden Farmers Market. I noticed I

Customer Question

My name is***** and I am a current tenant at Camden Farmers Market. I noticed I start getting bites all over my body and was not sure from what. I contacted the Camden's and told them that something was biting me and I needed pest control to come. They sent someone out to do an inspection and of course they said they found nothing. Well that following night I received nearly twenty more bites. I was really upset and terrified because I had no clue what was biting. I did my own inspection and found bed bugs in my headboard. This totally freaked me out because I have never experienced anything like this before. I have never had a bug problem since I moved in back in June. I contacted them again and let them I located the problem and I needed pest control to come back asap. When they came I did not have the couch moved off the wall which was my fault because I rushed and signed the addendum because I was so freaked out. I did go to the office and speak with them about the problem because I felt like they were down playing the situation and not moving forward quick enough. They went on questioning my whereabouts and such making me feel as if I was the reason I had bed bugs. This made me very furious. It took them 3 days before they actually treated my apartment. I took to our community page and asked the other tenants in my building if they were having a similar problem. Well, two other tenants in my building said they had reported bed bugs prior to me. This was very frustrating when I was questioned like I caused the problem and they knew someone had already reported bed bugs in my building a few weeks before me. This is not at all ok. I feel that the other tenants in the building as well should of been given notice or something. I was bitten all over, itched horribly, and now I can not sleep because I am so paranoid. I have not been bitten since the treatment but I suffer from chronic fatigue because I toss and turn all night because this has been so traumatizing I can not sleep. I spoke with the leasing manager and regional director because I want to move. I pay too much in rent not to be able to rest peacefully. They want me to give a 60 day notice and pay nearly 3k in fees to break the lease that expires August 2016. I feel that I don't owe them a dime because I spent money on hotel fees, doctor visits, and I threw out my infested furniture. As far as I am concerned we are even and I shouldn't have to pay. I had to be put on anxiety medication but it is no help. The protocol for bed bugs in which they did not fully comply until after I reported bed bugs was to treat other surrounding units if an apartment is infested with bed bugs. I was in a surrounding unit(same building) of the prior apartment(s) with beg bugs. I simply want out of this lease immediately without penalty fees.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 1 year ago.

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