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I want to Sue a Rental Company, Moved in February 2016, The

Customer Question

I want to Sue a Rental Company, Moved in February 2016, The first week we moved in our pipe burst from the ceiling flooded the whole first floor, it took them 2 weeks before they came out and check on the damages and to get and estimate on the repairs then it took them other 2 weeks to fix the damages; we had to stay in hotels for 4 weeks. Thinking that the Realtor company would work with me about the Rent, they took me to court because I didn't pay on time, because I could not pay the rent, because I had to move my 76 yrs old mother with dementia, and 6 year old grand baby. I Paid the rent in full before court; 2 weeks after court, and repairs was done, had another pipes bursted again on other side of the house, on that day, they said that the was letting me out of contract, I had to move out with in 14 days and that I would not have to pay May rent and they would give me all of my deposit back, we moved out of the house with in 14 days, and now the realtor company is saying that the owner have some concerns and that they don't know, when they are going to give me my deposit, I've been approval for another house, and the new owners is waiting for the deposit from my the old house. I have proof that pipes are illegal that's in the house, I have proof that the water filters system have been checked in 2 year had slim in the filter. Got the information from the home owners insurance company. American Plumbers.
Also I had to getting off of work from to meet the contractor, because the realtor stated that they didn't have no representative to go out and assist with the contractor, My job fired me a couple days ago.., because of this, I had to leave my job several times opening the door for contractor and sit there while they fix on the house. Now the Realtor company is going back on there word to pay me my security deposit. I need your help...please the company and the owner have been so rude and malicious against me and my family. I just want what I have paid out and pain and suffering.. I need help and guidance. I have documentation, pictures, and receipt.
Thank you ***** (###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  socallegalwork replied 1 year ago.
It sounds like you need to confer with an attorney in your area who can pursue this matter in court if necessary.Would you like me to provide you with some links and resources to help you find an attorney in your area who specializes in landlord/tenant issues?Your area code suggests you are in North Carolina, is that accurate?