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Need to talk with someone by phone

Customer Question

Need to talk with someone by phone
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  insearchoftheanswer replied 1 year ago.

Good morning Debbie. My name is ***** ***** I look forward to helping you.

I will be happy to talk with you. Can you tell me in what state you are located and your specific situation first? Thanks.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
TN. I need you to call me and discuss this. I have already paid. My number is(###) ###-#### ***** have lived where I reside for 6 years. Our rent has never been late and no complaints. A new company bought our apartment complex last year. We get a notice to move and a pastor intervenes for us due to them wanting to do renovations. We are given a lease of another year until July. Then another pastor goes to intervene and is told by the assistant manager why do we have to move? We have done nothing. We can live where we are for as long as we like as long as we 1. do not sell drugs or damage property. We are the best tenants here and got in from a hand written letter about we were the best tenants our former landlord had ever had and my father co-sign9ing because we do not make enough money to live here. While living here our toilet has flooded @ least twice a year and we have had to put up with the noise of renovations outside last summer and all around us and upstairs this past month. This place has become desperate and gone downhill. They are actually powting signs on the second of each month that the RENT IS DUE NOW! Even though there is a grace period of five years. As I said we have never been late and have actually a $158.00 credit. Our lease will be up for renewal in July. Friday we received a letter from an attorney hired by our landlord stating they wanted immediate occupancy of our apartment even thou the assistant manager told my pastor a few weeks ago in the office we can live here as long as we like. I wanted to get it in BLACK and WHITE but the pastor said if they do not keep their word since he was a witness he would be right back on their backs. The letter stated dated the 1st when we paid our rent as usual they would not accept it? I thinki they are try9ing to push a default to where it will look like we did not pay our rent. My son and I are disabled and have been since we moved in. He is autistic and I have severe and serious health conditions and am on numerous medications. I receive this threatening letter from their lawyer stating 1. They want immediate occupancy of our apartment (I think to renovate and make more money 2. They are not crediting our rent to our records and refusing to cash it and 3. my father who had just had triple bypass surgery and cosigned for us again and my son and I would be sued for thousands of dollars and or any back payments if we did not comply in general sessions court. The woman manager here does not like me because I have pointed out infractions to her and did not know we could get a free carpet cleaning every year and replacement after five. We have been flooded @ least twice a year from other people's apartment flooding ours because everyone's waste has to come out our line to get to the outside. 8 units. This is a huge upper echelon community (at least it was when I moved in) and you have to make at least $100,000 dollars a year to live here. Need I tell you there are blacks moving in like crazy and using the race card and we had to go through several scanning and FBI checks as well as credit and have my father co-sign and put up the security. Again she stated "Why would we make them move? They have not done anything and as long as they don"t sell drugs or damage property they can live here as long as they like. I feel the place is desperate and as each person's lease expires and they move out they go in and renovate trying to charge more. There is so much competition and new condos and apartments being built up that they are really under pressure. They did not post signs on the second when I moved in 6 years ago warning people their rent is due NOW. There is a 5 day grace period. When I called this lawyer and asked to speak with him since we received the threatening and intimidating letter of Friday (no, my scanner does not work to scan it to you) I was told I had to speak to the arbitrator and he would not give me his name. They are also a debt collecting agency. We owe no money-period. He was brutally offensive and nasty and told us that we were paid up and that was not the problem and to actually tear that letter up and throw it away because they were doing an investigation on us and the pending outco0me or results would be sent in another letter and slammed the phone on me and would not tell me what they are investigating. No one including a realto at church and the pastor who was a witness has ever seen or heard of anything like this. I brought the pastor as a witness because I know if they do not want to renew your lease which I got in a letter last year by Tennessee law they do not have to. Another church went in there and got us another year due to our health problems and the stress of moving. The new pastor went because I do not feel up to moving in July even and we have not done anything. The woman above us skipped out on her rent and they very noisily renovated her apt. and I am a PTSD survivor and they knew that when we moved in and as I said
Expert:  insearchoftheanswer replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for responding. I see you are in Tennessee. Since I'm not a Tennessee lawyer, I am going to opt out to open your question up to all experts so another expert can hopefully timely provide you the information you seek. Please do not respond to this post as it will only slow the process of such an expert picking up your question. Take care.

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