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I am renting to own just a small mobile home and there is a

Customer Question

i am renting to own just a small mobile home and there is a few spots through out the home where mold has appeared including one in my bed room that i just discovered. the mold areas that i already knew about i told my land lord and all that they have done about it is clean it off with bleach (geeze i could've done this myself) im just concerned because they have done nothing to look into the mold problem to make sure it isnt becoming a bigger problem. last thing I had been told was " oh, you may want to get a dehumidifier because there could be moister inside the home due to all the rain we had recently received (it had rained for 1 1/2 weeks straight.) i just keep feeling like i keep getting excuses from them so they can drag it out till i have the home paid off so then they wont have to fix it. I dont know if it would help to let you know i am in the state of North Carolina. I know laws could be different depending on your state. So, now that i have given you all the information my question is would it be their responsibility to fix the problem and not just keep making excuses to push it closer and closer to the pay off date. I have been a wonderful tenant to them and ive always paid all of my payments and i dont want to get screwed in the end and end up having to pay to fix a problem that could become worse and could cause risk to peoples health if its not taken care of. sorry a little more on information. In the main bathroom to the home the ceiling is covered with the mold. its a very dark/black mold im guessing that it maybe black mold. im not 00% sure how to know if thats what it is or not. Anyhow last month i showed this to them and i asked how would i get it off they told me to use bleach. I said "alright dont worry ill try to clean it off." i thhen asked would there be a new/better vent/fan that could or should be put in that would have a more powerful suction to so that way more moisture would be pulled out. I pretty much didnt even get a straight answer to this simple question. So from this i just feel like they arent trying to do much of anything. and with me finding it in more spaces im getting worried. I dont know what to do or what i should do in this case.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.

Your rent to own contract should specify who has the obligation to make repairs during the rental period. I would not be surprised if your contract Says that the property is being purchased in "as is" condition and that it requires you to maintain it. You obviously have a high moisture content inside the home, and you should look into some of the inexpensive ways that you can keep mold from forming in the first place. There is a great deal of information available online as to how to prevent mold in mobile homes. See: I wish you the best of luck, and for a happy Thanksgiving.