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Speiker properties is harassing me. 1. They have reasons to

Customer Question

Speiker properties is harassing me. 1. They have reasons to enter my apartment every two weeks. 2. They charged me an extra deposit even though my partner agreed to cover the rent and qualified. 3. They lost the 3 deposit checks and refused to reimburse us for stop payment fees on the three checks because we didn't notify them ahead of time that we were going to incur fees. Duh! 4. They deposited my rent 7 days late. Even so there were deposits covering the amount. The bank returned the check. As things crossed in their. Before they even knew it I phoned and wrote them offering to pay that day. But was told to sit tight. They told me if the bank said I had funds in the bank
I'd be okay. I sent the letter and they rejected because the bank didn't say it was there fault. 5. The second months rent payment was a reduced amt because we moved in on the 6th but they made us pay for 30 days that month. Then had us pay the first months actual rent the 2nd month so it was off by ,50. I also withheld the stop payment fees. They have now chared me $70 in late fees, $40 returned check fee and still owe me for my stop payment fees. I need a lawyer to write them a letter.
1. I want them
Out of my apartment except for in case of emergencies. 2. I don't want a threatening note on my door three times a week. 4. When I send them an email I would like a response. 5. If they tell me to do something they cant say not good enough when I do it. 6.The Bank of America will never say they were at fault.
1. I want to sue them for the harassment, the stress causing me a shingles outbreak and for the related pain and suffering. 2.Having to jump thru hoops and miss work and the lost wages as they have me running all
over re delivering checks, stopping payment chasing the bank to get a letter which they ignored and getting certified funds which cost another $10 on a $2600 rent for a 700 sq ft apt with out any amenities. 3. They charged me extra deposit fees even though my partner qualified in his own for the rent. 4. They would also only allow a ten month lease so they can raise the rent and further gauge the renters. 5. Causing me to run around meeting all their demands and telling me one thing and doing another. And not even responding with feedback. Just posting a 3 day pay or quit every other day.
6. I want my stop payment fees for all three checks $35, $35 and $40 back. 7. I want all the late chargeds and returned check fees eliminated. 8. I want out of my lease without penalty and for them to pay the moving costs.
I am about to kill my self I am so stressed out. I am 54 years old. Owned three homes and prior to that rented for ten years. I have never been so harassed in my life.
They are harassing me
And gouging me. Disrupting my ability to earn a living and charging me illegal fees.
I have ready reported them to HUD the San Mateo Fair Housing and the Department of Justice.
Now I need a local lawyer to write them a letter demanding this behavior to stop. I've lived here two months. I can't bear another 8 months of this harassment. I have phoned my therapist begin therapy again to help me deal with this scoundrels.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

Please understand, we are forbidden on this site from representing anyone from this site by state law. If you need a lawyer to write them a letter and you do not want to start this by writing the first letter to them yourself, then you would need to engage a local attorney to do so.

You have grounds to pursue them for breach of lease and harassment, but again, you know that and you are looking for a local attorney and you can find one at the same sites used by other attorneys, or

You may get a refund of your deposit here from customer service at

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