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Do I have the right to refuse a rental property, home

Customer Question

Hello, Do I have the right to refuse a rental property, home inspection, in Elizabethville Borough, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. I know ignorance to the Law works against me but, I have just received notice of the Ordinance for Rental property Inspections, to be conducted every 2 years, and paid for by me. My tenants have lived in my rental property for close to 2 years now. I purchased the home from a relative and updated electrical,(GFI outlets), plumbing, flooring,(hardwood/ceramic tile), new paint, ceiling fans, light fixtures, new back porch, existing new windows, smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, and updated a laundry area in the basement. All work was done by licensed and certified contractors. The home wasn't a slumlord residence then, and certainly not now! I am not sure if the Code Enforcement Officer is even qualified to do home inspections as far as them having, (Licenses/Certifications, Etc.). I know the place will pass inspection but, feel it is mostly about them wanting more money. I know I have a right to refuse entry to the Tax Assessor, so why not the Borough Authority, who appear to be allowed to invent Ordinances, backed by the Pennsylvania Borough's Association, and enforceable by a Code Enforcement Officer, and the District Justice System. I am a former Deputy Sheriff and am familiar with some of those Laws, (Landlord/Tenant, Etc.). I am not sure about Codes or Ordinances, compared to State/Commonwealth Laws. I do know that Borough Ordinances may not supersede any Federal or State/Commonwealth Laws, and that the State police in Pennsylvania do not enforce Borough Ordinances. Who knows what may become an Ordinance next, with the Boroughs Dream Team! I, along with many Borough citizens, are tired of these petty Codes. I feel this is all an invasion of privacy to the extent that they want to know how many tenants occupy the home, and also their names. What's next, and where will it end? - Sincerely, ***** *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant