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My landlord advised via email he would renew our lease with

Customer Question

HI, my landlord advised via email he would renew our lease with a 5% increase. We agreed and he asked for the increase in rent effective 1 July 15. We said (all in email) we would pay retrospectively once we had a contract in place agreeing the year. He engaged a "broker" to create the lease. We chased the lease and then got an email saying she was on a family emergency in Colombia. after a over a month, she sent the lease last week. Our problem is that the lease states that we will pay USD6000. I asked her to send an updated rider (that we got in our 1st and 2nd year) noting that we had already paid. She sent me a very emotional eamil indicating I don't understand NYC. Instead of responding I called her to advise what exactly I was looking for. She started screaming that she's doing this as a favour and is too busy to deal with me and that they have my USD6000 so I just need to sign it. Last year she claimed to only have USD3000 on file and insisted this was all we had paid. Luckily I had kept a copy of the rider and sent to her. She then agreed. So I told her I would not sign the lease until they agreed to provide evidence via a contract/update to the lease that they hold my money. She hung up the phone on me. I called the landlord, explained what I needed. He then called me back saying there was no evidence of my money being paid. I told him the "broker" said she had my money and he then said ":well then why don't you just sign the lease". I explained that for my husband and my protection we needed evidennce of the USD6000 in escrow. he said he would send an updated lease. He then sent an email saying he'd decided not to renew our lease and we could use our USD6000 in escrow towards rent. (I guess he worked out he DOES have our money??). I do not want to pay this person 1 more cent of my hard earned money. However from what I have read he cannot just not renew after we have a written email back and forth confirming that all we were waiting on was the lease and the rider. I want to bring him to court. There are MULTIPLE repairs needed in the apartment that have NEVER been done and in February we reported him to the NYC tenants assistance board as there was ICE on the inside of window. They found him in violation of a number of things and they went to court and had to pay a fine. In his recent email, he has indicated this is one of his reasons and has also said he has a "source" giving him daily and monthly reports from the apartment. We have always paid rent on time, never had problems and always gotten on with our neighbours. Can you please advise next steps and what we need to do? your assistance is MOST appreciated. Suzanne
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  barristerinky replied 1 year ago.

Hello and welcome! My name is ***** ***** I will try my level best to help with your situation or get you to someone who can.


Are you currently under a written fixed term lease or are you month to month?


Or did you just have a verbal/email agreement to renew the lease?





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