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We original moved into one of the renovated apartments after

Customer Question

We original moved into one of the renovated apartments after being in there a few day we discovered it was infested with cockroaches, so they moved us next door well that apartment had the same issues so finally they had apt b324 available they did let us know it would be cheaper due to the fact it was renovated meaning it didn’t have wood floor, new blind, new cabinets and counter tops. This apartment felt much cozier and we loved it. We had never stayed in a place in Denver longer then six month. Well this place we loved so we kept signing six-month rental contract planning on leaving but when the 6 months wad up couldn’t find any thing that was affordable and nice a mosaic… we loved our apartment took great care of it. It was our home. We did have multiple issues with the office they where rude and unfair… on November 18 I was assaulted by a person and almost died I had an 18% chance of living. The doctors said it was equivalent to a massive stroke. I still have no tastes or smell. While I was in coma my parents decided to break my lease and at one point my girlfriend was going to stay so my dad and girl friend went down to the office to have my name removed of the lease. Well a few days later she decided she was moving away. Lucky I cam out of coma after 6 days and was bless with a very unbelievable speedy recovery. My parent and I cleaned out the apartment. The only thing we didn’t do was steam wash the carpet. Now this 1800-dollar bill is outrageous. One there should be no lease termination fee because there is no way I could work or make money when I could not drive and had to be under 24hr supervision! How did they expect us to pay rent? Now they also charged us 235 dollars for smoke damage paint when I don’t even some and my girlfriend always smoked out side. 135$ for counter top resurface even though we had the old one to start with. 465 dollars for carpet cleaning let me remind you this is a one-bedroom apartment. Another 100$ for smoke deodorizer like I said no one ever smoked in our apartment. 170 for blind replacement which is also total bullshit because our rent was cheaper due to the fact we got stuck with the old crappy blinds counter top and cabinets and now there trying to charges us to remodel the place when have enough medical bills already drowning me and my parent already lost a son and we so frantic and scared that keeping track of papers was the lest of there concern so her I am screwed. is there any thing i can do
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Landlord-Tenant
Expert:  Sam replied 2 years ago.
This is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard
I am glad to hear you are recovering.
So this information was sent to you in a letter from the Landlord? And does it have a date where this all needs to be paid? Does the letter say anything about what will happen if you do not pay?